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About us

“Our company provides comprehensive services in the field of personnel consulting, we provide comprehensive services in the short or long term lease of labor for different professions, focusing on manufacturing and automotive industries in the EU, but also offer to our partners recruitment of doctors, programmers, electricians, construction workers etc. within the European Union.” Register now and start work in the EU!


In what areas can we arrange jobs?
We focus on providing jobs mainly for factories, automotive industry, construction industry and medicine.


We are a recruitment and employment agency which provides comprehensive services in the area of recruitment, personnel consultancy and outsourcing of labor with a focus on the production sector in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands

We dispose of a team of highly skilled people who communicate with our clients in 6 languages (English, German, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Russian).

Our company specializes in the recruitment of people for factories, warehouses, construction, but also for health care, where we seek qualified medical personnel for German partners; medical specialists, nurses, carers and seniors carers.
We are searching our candidates through targeted advertising campaigns or in the internal database, and by direct addressing. Our competitive advantage is our stability, several years of continuous experience in the European labor market and professionalism of service, knowledge of the local labor market, professional and individual approach to our clients and candidates.


Our goal is the satisfaction of companies as well as the job seekers.
We have built our strategy on a long-term relationship and cooperation with our customers. This allows us to know the business environment, the specific needs of clients and thus ensure effective services delivered. The basis of our work with the people is our decency, professional honesty, open communication and respect for ethical standards.

We cooperate with a number of partners in the UK, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, but especially in Germany and Austria. Our partners are staffing companies but most of them are direct employers.
We are a young, rapidly growing company. Our positions offered are different i.e. the auxiliary position in warehouses, factories and production, through professional positions in the construction and engineering industries. We focus primarily on recruitment, logistics and management of highly qualified and unskilled labor for the manufacturing industry, health industry and the construction sector.

We provide our clients comprehensive services, and we can react flexibly to their requirements and we can provide the required number of employees according to the set criteria for the requested period. We also take away the amount of administrative tasks, which are closely related to processes within the personal services, which creates space for our clients core business.

As part of personnel leasing we offer in particular:
> securing of long-term employees, as specified by the client
> security short term staff for seasonal work, impact contracts, time-bound projects, by any kind of incapacity or at the ocasions of maternity leave
> flexible staff delivery for the requested period
> transfer of the entire payroll and accounting agenda, including the risks and responsibilities on our recruitment agency
> reduction in fluctuations
> increased motivation of permanent employees
> reduction in labor costs
> saving time devoted to staff selection
> saving money on recruitment activities
> maintaining the good reputation of the user employer in case of resolution of unpopular personnel issues
> precise specification of the duration the employment relationship
> Project Coordinator (empployee of the recruitment agency), which supervises the attendance of employees and the smooth running of the operation

Advantages of temporary employment for our clients
Characteristics of temporary employment benefits for our clients

Simplicity, speed and efficiency
It's a simple, quick and efficient way to get employees in the occasion of an emergency of staff increase, increased production volume or in the event of difficulties in finding the right candidates.

Significant savings in time and human resources on the client side. The entire process of recruitment, including payroll and legal requirements is solved by us.

Entire payroll and contribution AGENDA
Since the delivery personnel are our employees, we provide also complete wage and contribution section.

COORDINATORS available 24/7
Supervision abount the smooth process of filling positions and organizational support is provided by our production team of coordinators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are able to respond immediately to the need to replenish existing number of people or to deliver employees to new positions.